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Últimas noticias en inglés publicadas desde el sitio web principal del W3C

  • The World Wide Web Consortium began the year 2023 by forming a new public-interest non-profit organization. The new entity preserves our member-driven approach, existing worldwide outreach and cooperation while allowing for additional partners around the world beyond Europe and Asia. The new organization also preserves the core process and mission of […]
  • The Web of Things (WoT) Working Group invites implementations of the following Candidate Recommendations: Web of Things (WoT) Thing Description 1.1 describes the metadata and interfaces of Things, where a Thing is an abstraction of a physical or virtual entity that provides interactions to and participates in the Web of Things. […]
  • The W3C Advisory Committee has elected the following people to fill four seats in a special election of the W3C Advisory Board: Qing An (Alibaba Group), Tantek Çelik (Mozilla Foundation), Elika J Etemad (W3C Invited Expert), Charles Nevile (ConsenSys). Many thanks to the 11 candidates. The newly elected participants join continuing Advisory […]
  • W3C is accepting proposals for the services of an Executive Search Firm to assist in the recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The firm shall assist in attracting, interviewing, and hiring a Chief Executive Officer. Requested services include developing a position description, conducting a global search, vetting qualified candidates, and […]
  • The Web Applications Working Group has published a First Public Working Draft of Web Locks API. This document defines a web platform API that allows script to asynchronously acquire a lock over a resource, hold it while work is performed, then release it. While held, no other script in the origin […]
  • The Accessible Platform Architectures (APA) WAI-Adapt Task Force (WAI-Adapt) invites implementation and welcomes comment on the Candidate Recommendation of the WAI-Adapt: Symbols Module. The purpose of this specification is to support Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) symbols in web content. Millions of users comprehend AAC symbols better than standard text, but […]
  • Following its formation on 20 October, the W3C Board of Directors is pleased to have reached an agreement with MIT that transfers assets at MIT to World Wide Web Consortium, Inc. The Web Consortium continues its mission to lead the web to its full potential by developing standards for an open […]
  • The Devices and Sensors Working Group has published a First Public Working Draft of Compute Pressure Level 1. This specification provides a way for websites to react to changes in the CPU pressure of the target device, such that websites can trade off resources for an improved user experience. The Level […]
  • The Devices and Sensors Working Group and Web Applications Working Group have jointly published a First Public Working Draft of Contact Picker API. This specification defines an API to give one-off access to a user’s contact information while keeping the user in control over which contacts are shared. This new Contact […]
  • After serving as W3C Chief Executive Officer for 12 years, Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe stepped down. From March 2010 till December 2022, Jeff led the Consortium with purpose and skills informed by several different careers as a researcher, manager, and executive, for a succession of organizations. He was responsible for all of […]