In addition to increasing the diversity of organizations that actively participate in W3C’s work (including industry, research, implementers, and user communities) the primary roles of W3C Chapters are to:

  • Provide support for existing W3C Members in the Chapter Territory. This includes both Members whose headquarters is in the territory and local representatives of Global W3C Members;
  • Provide feedback to W3C on regional issues (for example, in support of W3C’s Internationalization or Accessibility efforts);
  • Promote the adoption of W3C Recommendations with particular attention to the local languages and cultures;
  • Broaden participation to include more stakeholders from their assigned territory.

A Chapter may have a designated Evangelist for recruiting W3C Members and Participants in their Chapter Region. These Evangelists work with Global Evangelists on a case-by-case basis as determined by the W3C Global Business Development Leader. As such, it is expected that a chapter works with any W3C Evangelist that has recruiting responsibilities in their Territory.