W3C Chapters

W3C Chapters play an important role in W3C being an international organization

A W3C Chapter is a geographic or interest-based community of individuals associated with W3C Member and non-Member organizations that are interested in W3C’s activities.

To find a W3C Chapter near you, please check the Chapters Directory.

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How to become a W3C Chapter

To become a W3C Chapter, you need to review the roles and activities. We outline the requirements for being a Chapter and the process for engaging W3C in the discussion around that potential.  The primary W3C contact for that discussion is J. Alan Bird, Global Business Development Leader.

W3C Chapters work with a Territory Manager within W3C, who is a member of the W3C Team and works under the direction of the Global Business Development Leader. A Territory Manager is the primary contact for W3C Chapter Managers.

The World Wide Web Consortium W3C Workshop on Permissions aims to address the privacy, security, and usability challenges in controlling access to an increasingly powerful set of capabilities on the Web and other platforms. https://bit.ly/3VqDLnJ
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