W3C Chapters

W3C Chapters play an important role in W3C being an international organization

A W3C Chapter is a geographic or interest-based community of individuals associated with W3C Member and non-Member organizations that are interested in W3C’s activities.

To find a W3C Chapter near you, please check the Chapters Directory.

Find out more on roles and activities of a W3C Chapter and join the community!

How to become a W3C Chapter

A W3C chapter is first and foremost a W3C Member.
To become a W3C Chapter, you need to review the roles and activities. We outline the requirements for being a Chapter and the process for engaging W3C in the discussion around that potential.

W3C Chapters work with a Territory Manager within W3C, who is a member of the W3C Team. A Territory Manager is the primary contact for W3C Chapter Managers.